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    Posted on February 22nd, 2011

    Written by constructequip




    The Genie GS-3232 is a unique scissor lift that can drive through a standard doorway, yet lets the operator easily put their hands at 38’.  This is a small, electrically powered scissor that can get a lot of work done in a tight area.


    The Genie GS-3232’s name tells you a lot about what it is and does.  The first 32 tells you that the maximum platform height is 32’.  The second 32 is telling you that the lift is only 32” wide.  Generally, a lift this narrow does not go that high, but the Genie uses 4 outriggers under the machine that allows the scissor those extra feet of lift.  This scissor is drivable, without the outriggers being deployed, at heights up to 22’.  After 22’, the lift must remain stationary and the outriggers will become deployed.

    The Genie GS-3232 is 8’ long, but the operator has the option to slide out a deck extension and gain an extra 3’of reach from the front of the platform.  This scissor has a maximum platform capacity of 500 pounds.  The GS-3232 has a stowed height of 8’, but with the guardrails folded down, the height is reduced to 6’8”.  This lift has, of course, proportional controls and a 24volt power system.  It has 25% gradeability, a “zero” inside turning radius, and non-marking tires.  The Genie GS-3232 weighs in at 5,185 pounds.


    The Genie GS-3232 is a narrow, relatively lightweight electric scissor lift that will squeeze into a tight spot and get you up in the air further than you might expect from a lift this size.

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